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Alliance 32 Favored of Elune?
StartErelas Ambersky
EndErelas Ambersky
Requires Level 40
Experience420-6,050 XP
or  at Level 110

Task Edit

Collect 15 Wildkin Feathers from the Hinterlands for Erelas Ambersky in Rut'theran Village.

Wildkin are quite unpredictable creatures, <name>. Capable of incredible gentleness, these creatures will show extreme ferocity if something they deem important is threatened.

These beasts are rumored to have been created by Elune, and I am interested in finding if this is really the truth.

Recently, I heard about a population of wildkin living in the Hinterlands -- Vicious, Primitive, and Savage Owlbeasts. They can be found amongst the wildlife there. Will you gather some Wildkin Feathers for me?

Reward Edit

  • 1Gold 35Silver
  • 420-6050 XP

Notes Edit

Feathers are scattered all over the region. Specific locations include:
15.9, 54.8
22.9, 54.9
24.8, 54.0
26.3, 52.9
27.7, 54.3
31.0, 54.4
31.5, 54.8
34.0, 58.0
37.3, 50.2
37.5, 46.1
42.5, 54.4
43.2, 56.1
43.9, 59.3
33.1, 60.4
31.8, 63.9

(see Map coordinates)

This quest is part of a chain.

Facts about "Favored of Elune?"RDF feed
Quest factionAlliance +
Quest level47 +
Quest nameFavored of Elune? +
Repeatablefalse +

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