Quest:Fallen Sky Lords (Horde)

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Horde 32 Fallen Sky Lords
StartCommander Mulfort
EndCommander Mulfort
Experience6,600 XP
or 39Silver60Copper at Level 110
Reputation250 Frostwolf Clan 250 Orgrimmar

Objectives Edit

Find out what became of Wing Commander Guse, Wing Commander Jeztor, and Wing Commander Mulverick. Return to Commander Mulfort should you complete your mission.

  • Guse's Location Discovered
  • Jeztor's Location Discovered
  • Mulverick's Location Discovered

Description Edit

Our air support is in shambles, <name>. The Wing Commanders were shot down over enemy territory. You must find out what became of them so that we can attempt a rescue!

Guse was last seen flying over the Icewing Bunker. Jeztor's War Rider was spotted near the Stormpike lumber mill. Mulverick... that reckless fool was seen crashing near the Dun'Baldar North Bunker.

That's all the information I have. Move out! Search through the areas thoroughly.


Well done! The information you recovered will be invaluable to our cause.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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