Quest:Fake Gold for Black Gold

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Alliance 32 Fake Gold for Black Gold
StartCrazzle Sprysprocket [91.4, 57.8]
EndKhan Ablinh [91.3, 53.9]
CategoryThousand Needles
Experience45 XP
or 27Copper at Level 100
PreviousFool's Gold
NextBack to Crazzle

Objectives Edit

Deliver the Pallet of "Gold" to Khan Ablinh at the Splithoof Heights in Thousand Needles.

Description Edit

Now that the "gold" is ready, I want you to take it up to Khan Ablinh. He'll be so overwhelmed, I bet he'll offer to help us setup the drilling rigs. We could use the horsepower.

Haha, get it? Horsepower?

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 5Silver

Progress Edit

What's this? That is a lot of gold you have there.

Completion Edit

Just put it on the ground, <race>.

Notes Edit

Back to the same tent where Zherin is.

On complete:

Khan Ablinh yells: What is this? FAKE! Splithoof, <name> and the gnomes have tried to fool us. Kill <him/her>!

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [41] Negotiations
  2. Alliance 15 [41] Get Zherin!
  3. Alliance 15 [42] Fool's Gold
  4. Alliance 15 [42] Fake Gold for Black Gold
  5. Alliance 15 [42] Back to Crazzle
  6. Alliance 15 [41] Eminent Domain / Alliance 15 [41] Defend the Drill
  7. Alliance 15 [42] Go Blow that Horn
  8. Alliance 15 [42] Deliver the Goods

Patches and hotfixes Edit

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