Objectives Edit

Use the Tiki Torch to set fire to 8 Tiki Masks at Jintha'Alor.

Description Edit

The Vilebranch have hung their tiki masks all across the walls of Jintha'Alor. We won't tolerate their foul hexes and dark magic.

It's time to send a message, and tear down their defenses, all at once! Take this torch, <class>. Set fire to their tiki masks and watch 'em burn. They'll know the Wildhammer want them gone when they see their dark idols consumed!




You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv staff 16
[Vile Branch]
Inv jewelry necklace 19
[Necklace of Evil Faces]
Inv bracer 78
[Jintha'Alor Bracers]

You will also receive:35Silver

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