FIFTY! YEP! is to collect 50 Blackrock Medallion for Oralius.

Objectives Edit

Bring 50 Blackrock Medallion to Oralius in Burning Steppes.

Details Edit

Oralius is situated in Morgan's Vigil.

Description Edit

Oralius wants 50 Blackrock Medallions. Chances are high that these medallions can be found on the orcs in the Burning Steppes.

Blackrock Medallion: 0/50

I'm going to let you in on a little secret, soldier. Come a little closer. I'M THE ONLY SANE ONE HERE! Look at these people! Would you believe that they're all insane!? Well they are! NUTS! CRAZY!

<Oralius lowers his voice.>

Let's just keep that between me, you, and my pal Captain Winky.

<Oralius grabs at the air and squeezes.>

Anyhooooo... I'm collecting badges to go along with my ogre ear collection. Orc is the flavor of the day. Fifty. GO!

<Oralius blows into a horn.>


Reward Edit

You will receive: 85Silver.

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