Quest:Expedition Salvation

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Neutral 32 Expedition Salvation
StartWilliden Marshal
EndWilliden Marshal
Requires Level 48
CategoryUn'Goro Crater
Experience7,600 XP
or 45Silver60Copper at Level 110


Bring a Crate of Foodstuffs and Research Equipment to Williden Marshal in Un'Goro Crater.


I don't know how you made it here, but you're a sight for sore eyes! I'm Williden Marshal, and I lead a non-aligned expedition troupe. Our latest and greatest endeavor has met with what seems like countless disasters, the most serious of which being that we underestimated the savagery of Un'Goro Crater!

As we fled our base camps in the southwestern and northeastern parts of the crater, we left behind vital supplies. You look like you're capable enough - can you help us by getting them back?


If we're going to have any chance of getting out of here alive, we'll need our big crate of foodstuffs. Also, getting at least some of our research equipment back would be a blessing in a sea of misery.


You got both our foodstuff AND our research equipment back! You've not only saved the expedition, you've also saved our lives. I and the rest of my team can't thank you enough; we just might make it here for a while now thanks to you.

While we don't have much, I'm certainly not going to leave you high and dry for the invaluable help you've given us. Thank you, <name> - you've got a friend in Marshal Expeditions!


You will receive: 40Silver

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