Quest:Escape Through Force

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Alliance 32 Escape Through Force
Requires Level 15
Experience1,750 XP
or 10Silver50Copper at Level 100
Rewards[Steadfast Cinch]

Objectives Edit

Protect Volcor until you reach the road, then speak to Terenthis in Auberdine.

  • Help Volcor to the road

Description Edit

All right, <name>, force it is. Let's get out of here as soon as you're ready. We'll fight our way down to the road--Grimclaw should still be there. Once there, we can part ways. Terenthis will want to hear your version of the story immediately, so head to Auberdine after we make it out of here.

Reward Edit

You will also receive:14Silver

Completion Edit

<name>! I'm pleased to see you've returned successfully. Your assistance to Volcor has given me faith that we can overcome the challenges facing us here in Darkshore and beyond.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Quest progression Edit

  1. Official alliance mini-icon [20] A Lost Master
  2. Official alliance mini-icon [20] A Lost Master (2)
  3. one of

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