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This quest was part of the Scourge Invasion which was a world event in Patch 3.0.2 that heralded the release of Wrath of the Lich King. Once the event has run its course the quest will no longer be available.

Neutral 32 Envelope from the Front
StartA Bloodstained Envelope
EndKeeper of the Rolls
Requires Level 45
CategoryScourge Invasion
Experience6,000 XP
or 36Silver at Level 110

Objectives Edit

Take the Bloodstained Envelope to the Keeper of the Rolls at Light's Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands.

Description Edit

You found this letter on one of the many Scourge minions you've slain. From its appearance and smell, it has been with the undead for some time. Perhaps someone at Light's Hope Chapel would be interested in examining it further...

Related quests Edit

Starting item Quest Research report Descendant
A Smudged Document Document from the Front Report 6 Neutral 15 Caretaker Alen
A Bloodstained Envelope Envelope from the Front Report 5 Neutral 15 Zarena Cromwind
A Torn Letter Letter from the Front Report 2 Horde 15 Joanna Whitehall
A Crumpled Missive Missive from the Front Report 4 Neutral 15 Garon Hutchins
A Careworn Note Note from the Front Report 1 Horde 15 Deze Snowbane
A Ragged Page Page from the Front Report 3 Horde 15 Miles Welsh

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