Objectives Edit

Meet with General Arlos inside the barracks in Valiance Keep.

Description Edit

You've come to enlist, right? Normally you'd have to stand in line like the other recruits. Normally you'd be out of luck because the recruitment ledger's gone missing and I can't process anyone until the new books come.

Fortunately for you, <name>, I've heard about you and what you did in Outland. To be honest, you're a cut above these poor saps. Lines aren't for you.

Go to the barracks and speak to General Arlos. He'll be more than happy to meet with someone of your caliber.

Completion Edit

We've been expecting your arrival, <name>. Welcome to Northrend.

Notes Edit

No lines for me, eh? Upon accepting the quest:

Civilian Recruit says: What's the matter, <class>? Think you're too good to stand in line with the rest of us?

Upon completing the quest:

Harbinger Vurenn says: Give the word, general. I will have two regiments at your disposal in a month's time.
Counselor Talbot says: Our troops, general, consist mostly of villagers and peasants. Good men, but not quite rid of the prejudices and superstitions of their upbringing. They're not ready to fight alongside our more exotic allies.
General Arlos says: Your offer will be carefully considered, harbinger. In the meantime we will make use of your delegation in an advisory role.
Harbinger Vurenn says: Very well, general. Should you change your mind, my people will be more than willing to provide military assistance.

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Alliance 15 [68] Enlistment Day
  2. Alliance 15 [71] A Time for Heroes
  3. Alliance 15 [71] The Siege
  4. Alliance 15 [71] Death From Above
  5. Alliance 15 [71] Plug the Sinkholes

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