Quest:Empty Stables (Horde)

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Horde 32 Empty Stables
StartFrostwolf Stable Master
EndFrostwolf Stable Master
Requires Level 51
CategoryAlterac Valley
ReputationFrostwolf Clan +1
Orgrimmar +1

Objectives Edit

Locate a Frostwolf in Alterac Valley. Use the Frostwolf Muzzle when you are near the Frostwolf to 'tame' the beast. Once tamed, the Frostwolf will follow you back to the Frostwolf Stable Master. Speak with the Frostwolf Stable Master to earn credit for the capture.

  • Frostwolf Muzzled and Returned

Provided Item:

Description Edit

The war in the valley has taken its toll on our soldiers. We must revitalize our forces!

If we can fill up the stables, the Wolf Riders will once more be able to ride out into the field of battle.

Take this muzzle and track down the frostwolves that inhabit the nearby forest. Once you find a wolf, use the muzzle to tame the beast. Bring the tamed beast back to me so that I may place it in the stable.

When we have enough wolves stabled, the Wolf Riders will rejoin their patrol on our front lines.

Completion Edit

I can only hope that those charged with collecting ram hides are as determined as you, <name>.

At this rate, we will have the stables full in a matter of hours!

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