Quest:Empty Stables (Alliance)

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Alliance 32 Empty Stables
StartStormpike Stable Master
EndStormpike Stable Master
Requires Level 51
Reputation+10 Ironforge +1 Stormpike Guard

Objectives Edit

Locate an Alterac Ram in Alterac Valley. Use the Stormpike Training Collar when you are near the Alterac Ram to 'tame' the beast. Once tamed, the Alterac Ram will follow you back to the Stable Master. Speak with the Stable Master to earn credit for the capture.

  • Ram Collared and Returned

Provided Item:

Description Edit

Just look at the stables, <name>! Empty! The Stormpike Brigade has no rams to ride - the cavalry is defunct.

You must help us, soldier. Take this training collar and enter the wilds of this valley. Locate the Alterac rams that roam throughout the area and use the collar to snare one. When you have captured a ram, return it to me and I shall place it in our stable.

When we have enough rams, the ram rider commander will be notified. With your help, the cavalry will be reborn!


The stables will be full in no time at all. Keep up the good work!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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