Quest:Elixir of Suffering (2)

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Horde 32 Elixir of Suffering (2)
StartApothecary Lydon
Requires Level 19
CategoryHillsbrad Foothills
Experience1,750 XP
or 10Silver50Copper at Level 110
PreviousElixir of Suffering

Prerequisites Edit

Must have completed Elixir of Suffering.

Objectives Edit

Apothecary Lydon of Tarren Mill wants you to give Umpi the Elixir of Suffering.

Quest Text Edit

It will take but a moment for me to mix these components into what I have deemed an Elixir of Suffering.

There we go! Ah, nothing brightens a gloomy day in these miserable foothills like bringing a little suffering into the world.

Let us see if our little potion has achieved its desired effect.

Give my assistant Umpi a taste of what the Dark Lady has planned for both humans and Scourge alike.

Details Edit

  • Umpi is the toad right next to Lydon.

Quest ProgressionEdit

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