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Alliance 32 Elemental Goo
StartAlliance 15 Isabel Jones
EndAlliance 15 Isabel Jones
Requires Level 1
Rewards16Gold 54Silver1 Inv misc token argentdawn3

This daily quest requires 475 jewelcrafting

Objectives Edit

Collect 10 [Elemental Goo] from any Cataclysm elemental and bring them to Alliance 15 Isabel Jones in Stormwind City.

Description Edit

Instead of using the tired old method of setting gems into rings and such, I use an innovative new method. I simply glue on the gems with Barnsworth Elemental Glue! The professor needs more elemental goo for another batch, though, and I have a whole bunch of setting to do. Can you go get me some?

Quest progression Edit

Did you bring me the elemental goo?

Completion Edit

Thanks. Erm. Just set them over there. I need to figure out how to get my hand off of this jar.

Rewards Edit

16Gold 54Silver1 Inv misc token argentdawn3

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