Quest:Elekks Are Serious Business

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Alliance 32 Elekks Are Serious Business
StartTorallius the Pack Handler <Elekk Breeder>
EndVorkhan the Elekk Herder
Requires Level 10
CategoryAzuremyst Isle
Experience220 XP
or 1Silver32Copper at Level 110
Reputation+25 Exodar
PreviousAlliance 15 [11] Coming of Age
NextAlliance 15 [11] Alien Predators

This quest introduces you to Bloodmyst Isle.

Objective Edit

Speak with Vorkhan the Elekk Herder on Bloodmyst Isle.

Details Edit

  • Go over the bridge to the north from Azuremyst Isle.[63, 87]

Quest text Edit

Is he crazy? Entrusting something like this to some no-named <race> youngling!

Just remember this kid: You'll never make it as a Hand of Argus! You don't have the guts!

I guess I'll have to humor him this time. Speak with Vorkhan at Kessel's Crossing on Bloodmyst Isle. Just follow the road north from here, and when it forks, just keep on going north.

Completion Edit

Well ya made it this far! Let's put ya to work before you get too bloodied up.

Rewards Edit

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [11] Coming of Age
  2. Alliance 15 [11] Elekks Are Serious Business
  3. Alliance 15 [11] Alien Predators

Trivia Edit

Possible reference to Internet Meme serious business

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