Quest:Eagan Peltskinner

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Alliance 32 Eagan Peltskinner
StartDeputy Willem
EndEagan Peltskinner
Requires Level 1
CategoryElwynn Forest
Experience85 XP
or 51Copper at Level 110
ReputationStormwind +75
PreviousA Threat Within
NextWolves Across the Border

Objectives Edit

Speak with Eagan Peltskinner.

Description Edit

Eagan Peltskinner is looking for someone to hunt wolves for him. That's good news, because we're seeing a lot more wolves in Northshire Valley lately.

If you're interested then speak with Eagan. He's around the side of the abbey, to the left.

Completion Edit

That's true. I'm looking for someone to hunt me some wolves! Are you that person?

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Quest ProgressionEdit

  1. Alliance 15 [1] A Threat Within
  2. Alliance 15 [2] Eagan Peltskinner (Optional)
  3. Alliance 15 [2] Wolves Across the Border


It is possible to get Alliance 15 [2] Wolves Across the Border without first doing Alliance 15 [2] Eagan Peltskinner, however once you've taken Alliance 15 [2] Wolves Across the Border you can no longer get the quest Alliance 15 [2] Eagan Peltskinner

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