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Alliance 32 Dusky Crab Cakes
StartChef Grual
EndChef Grual
Difficulty18 19 24 28
Reputation+250 Stormwind
Rewards[Recipe: Gooey Spider Cake]

Objectives Edit

Gather 6 Dusky Lumps from Venom Web Spiders.

Description Edit

I'll let you in on a little secret - Dusky "Crab" Cakes are really made from spider meat! I know it's a bit disgusting, but the cakes have a nice, tangy flavor and make great snacks!

If you want to try some still, I'm afraid I'm out of meat. I need some lump meat to whip up a few more cakes.

Venom Web Spiders are a good source - they nest to the north, between the foothills and the river.

Progress Edit

Hail, <name>. Did you get that lump meat for me?

Completion Edit

Ah yes, a nice lump you have there! Let me just get this seasoned with my secret spices (no looking!) and get them to skittering on a skillet for a while...

And, although Dusky Crab Cakes are my specialty and I won't give out the recipe, here's the recipe for a dish that's almost as good.

Rewards Edit

Gains Edit


This quest replaced Alliance 15 [20] Dusky Crab Cakes after The Shattering

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