Objectives Edit

Deliver the book, "[Studies in Spirit Speaking]", to Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff at Light's Hope Chapel, Eastern Plaguelands.

Description Edit

A recluse medium found in these parts by the name of Umbranse has provided the Argent Dawn with quite a literary masterpiece... one that amounts to quite possibly the largest collection of jibber-jabber I've ever seen written.

One of the Dawn's most respected leaders, Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff, is a brilliant linguist. Could you take this to him for me - for a reward, of course? Light's Hope Chapel - that's where he's currently at, far in the eastern part of the Eastern Plaguelands.

Rewards Edit

You will receive 40Silver.

Progress Edit

May the Light guide you in these troubling times, <class>. What brings you here to this beacon of hope in the middle of darkness and despair?

Completion Edit

This... this is a very special book you have brought me. I'd like to tell you that "special" in this case means "unique and quite possibly illuminating", but that remains to be seen.

"Ooooooo?" Who in their right mind thinks this up?

Well now, I've heard of this Umbranse that Gregor spoke of, so this isn't without merit. I'll do my best to decipher it. As for you... please, have this - courtesy of the Argent Dawn. While you are here, perhaps there are some other things you can aid us with.

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