Quest:Drape of Unyielding Strength

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Neutral 32 Drape of Unyielding Strength
StartKeyl Swiftclaw
EndKeyl Swiftclaw
Requires Level 60
Rewards[Drape of Unyielding Strength]

Pre-requisites Edit

To complete this quest, you must be a warrior and you must be Revered with Cenarion Circle.

Objectives Edit

Bring 1 Qiraji Martial Drape, 2 Onyx Idols, 5 Silver Scarabs and 5 Bone Scarabs to Keyl Swiftclaw in Silithus. You must also obtain Revered reputation with Cenarion Circle to complete this quest.

You will need:

Quest Text Edit

I'm glad to hear you're aiding us in our attack on Ahn'Qiraj, <name>. I can make you a protective item that'll be of assistance in the fight against our enemy, <class>.

I shall need a Qiraji drape, which I'll resize for you of course. I'll also need idols and scarabs which I'll use to create a suitable clasp.

I promise you won't be disappointed.

Progress Edit

Did you bring the materials for the cloak, <name>?

Completion Edit

Ah yes... this drape is immaculate.

Take this cloak, <name>. May it protect you from the foul magic of the Qiraji.

Reward Edit

You will receive:

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Quest level60 +
Quest nameDrape of Unyielding Strength +

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