Objectives Edit

Retrieve the Thelgen Seismic Record from Thelgen Rock.

Description Edit

I'm feeling slightly less wobbly now, so I'm going to start setting up the level for my final measurements here. There's one last thing I need from you.

There's a seismograph set up deep within Thelgen Rock to record any movements in the earth. If things have been continuing to shift since the Cataclysm, this'll tell us.

The seismograph's at the very bottom of the cave; find it and bring the record it's created back to me.

Progress Edit

Let's see what we've got, aye?

Completion Edit

Wonderful, lad/lass. This should be all we need. Let's have a look.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 13Silver

Notes Edit

Once you're in the Thelgen Rock cave, hug the left wall, always go left. You will end up at a pool of water with the seismograph about straight across the pool. To get the record, simply click on the machine, as on any loot holder. Be aware: there is a large Elemental in the pool who will probably attack you. Defeat it and it gives you an item that starts a new, simple, quest.

Patches and hotfixes Edit

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