Objectives Edit

One of the oozes at Ironbeard's Tomb has Sida's bag, retrieve it and bring it back to her in Menethil Harbor.

Description Edit

On my weekly visit to Ironbeard's Tomb I was attacked by dreadful, dripping oozes! Naturally, I panicked.

I threw my bag at one, but it didn't do anything! The ooze just sucked it right up... Luckily, it did give me enough time to get away.

The bad news is that I really need to get the contents of my bag!

I don't know which ooze I threw my bag at; they all looked the same! Ironbeard's Tomb is northeast of here, near Dun Modr. Thank you so much!

Reward Edit

You will receive: 35Silver

Inv misc bag 10 green [Ooze-covered Bag]

Progress Edit

Did you find my bag?

Completion Edit

Oh, thank you, <name>! I was afraid that it was lost for good!

<She quickly empties the contents of the ooze-covered bag onto the ground, before scooping them up.>

Hm, I don't have much use for this anymore, but wash it off and I'm sure you could make use of it.

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