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| name = Desecrate this Fire!
| category = Midsummer Fire Festival
| level = 70
| levelreq = 1
| start = Opposing faction's Bonfire: [[Horde Bonfire|Horde]] or [[Alliance Bonfire|Alliance]]
| end = (same bonfire)
| experience = varies (or {{Cost|11|99}} at level 70)
| rewards = {{loot|Common|Burning Blossom}} x10
| money = varies
You can desecrate - extinguish - each of the other faction's bonfires, gaining {{loot|common|Burning Blossom|Burning Blossoms}} for doing so. For Bonfire locations, see [[Horde Bonfire]], or the [[Midsummer Fire Festival#Sortable list of bonfires|combined bonfire list]] on the Midsummer Fire Festival page.
Each faction has a version of this quest:
*{{questlong|Alliance|1|Desecrate this Fire! (Alliance)}}
*{{questlong|Horde|1|Desecrate this Fire! (Horde)}}
Desecrate the Horde's <zone> bonfire!
You will receive:
*{{item|icon=|Burning Blossom}} (10)
* [[XP]] and money rewards vary depending on the character's level.
== Notes ==
The bonfire does not have to be lit for you to desecrate it.

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