Deprogramming is one of the Icecrown Citadel weekly raid quests.


Defeat Lady Deathwhisper while ensuring that Darnavan survives.

  • Rescue Darnavan


We had hoped to place a man on the inside of the Cult of the Damned, to give us an inside angle on the Lich King's machinations, but we... underestimated the persuasive powers of Arthas and his dark minister, Lady Deathwhisper.

Our man, Darnavan, is one of them now.

If you plan on fighting your way through the Oratory ahead, please keep your eyes peeled for Darnavan. If you can bring him back to us alive, we can attempt to reverse the Cult's brainwashing.


Darnavan has been among the Cult for so long now that there is no telling how he will react. He is a well-trained warrior, so be on your guard!


Thank you, <name>!

I owe you a debt of gratitude for rescuing a friend whom I had thought forever lost to the clutches of the Cult. And the Argent Crusade owes you a debt for the invaluable intelligence Darnavan brings with him from his time walking the halls of this Citadel as one of the Cult.

Please, take this as a token of this appreciation, and may the Light bolster you as you carve a path through this terrible place.


You will receive: 29Gold 60Silver
Inv misc bag 16
[Sack of Frosty Treasures]


Darnavan will randomly spawn with one of the first add waves. He will need to be off-tanked the entire fight in order to complete the quest. Success has been reported with using a DPS plate wearer to tank him, or using a hunter's pet to tank him.

Death Knights make better DPS tanks for him, since they have Frost Presence to increase threat, hp, and armor, and Chains of Ice to slow him down when not whirlwinding. They simply need to hold him near the middle of the room during Phase 2, while in Phase 1 the Off-Tank holds him in roughly the same position, keeping in range of heals at all time.

Crowd Control spells do not work, with the exception of Entangling Roots. Taking him to the back stairs and then casting entangling roots on him will reduce the amount of damage done to him and free up a player to work on the waves of adds.

Every so often when he breaks CC Darnavan will jump into the raid and do a Whirlwind. While he is spinning he is immune to CC.

Tanks or whoever is tanking him should be careful and avoid doing large amounts of damage to him. He doesn't have that much health and even a tank can kill him accidentally over the course of the fight. A good strategy involves a main tank picking him up, pulling him out of the way, doing a few attacks, and then letting him just hit the tank for the duration of the fight. If the tank needs to eventually tank the boss, then Darnavan can be safely taunted off of one tank, and rinse and repeat.

While tanking the boss the tank who is on the debuff cooldown needs to tank him. No one else can damage him since the tank will have reduced threat. When the OT is needed to tank Deathwhisper the MT should taunt Darnavan off him. If damage shields, Area of Effect spells, or cleave effects make it necessary to keep Darnavan away from Deathwhisper, it is sometimes possible to taunt-tank/kite-tank the boss for a short while, allowing her to be single tanked while the normal off-tank holds Darnavan at a safe distance. (Diminishing returns will eventually make Deathwhisper immune to taunting.)

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