Objectives Edit

Defeat Megalith and return to Researcher Aderan at Fort Wildervar.

Suggested Players [3]

Description Edit

Binder Murdis created Megalith to be the most powerful of the runed giants and to lead them in their mission. Defeating Megalith will leave them lost and without direction. After the expeditionary force arrives, our soldiers will be able to isolate and defeat the remaining giants and oust their Iron Dwarf masters from their camps.

Search the foothills of Frostblade Peak, north of Giants' Run for Megalith and defeat him!

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 10Gold

Progress Edit

Do you bring news of Megalith's downfall?

Completion Edit

You've done well in felling Megalith, but I wonder about his final words.

You're sure he said the Stoneforge?

I know of no such place with that name, but it sounds like a word with origins in the titans. What plans do the Iron Dwarves have for such a thing? This bears watching, <name>, for we must find it before the Iron Dwarves' plan comes to fruition.

Notes Edit

When slain:

Megalith yells: I have fallen! Fear not, bretheren! Let nothing keep you from the Stoneforge!

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [72G2] March of the Giants
  2. Alliance 15 [72G3] The Lodestone
  3. Alliance 15 [72G3] Demolishing Megalith

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