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Kessel at Kessel's Crossing on Bloodmyst Isle wants you to kill Lord Xiz at Wrathscale Lair and drive the Draenei Banner through his dead body.

  • Draenei Banner (provided)

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Have you seen the serpent men? The ones that call themselves naga?

<Kessel spits.>

They dared make an advance upon this camp under cover of darkness only three nights ago. Can you believe the audacity of those primitive beasts?

I need you to deliver a message to their leadership, <name>. To the northeast is Wrathscale Lair, home to Lord Xiz. Find him, slay him where he stands and drive this banner through his corpse.

Let them know fear whenever they should see our standard!

Progress Edit

Is it done?

Completion Edit

I am sorry that you had to do that, <name>. Heavy-handed violence is not the draenei way, but sometimes it is the only way.

This is one of life's truths that many do not understand until it is too late. So it was for our people, when we were slaughtered at the hands of the orcs.

Becoming a Hand of Argus is a process of rebirth. And with birth comes pain...

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Coordinates for Lord Xiz: [68, 67]

Wrathscale Lair is east and north from where Kessel is. Lord Xiz is at the top of the ruins. He can very nearly be killed without having to kill any other naga in the area if the ruins are approached from the north. Lord Xiz is a level 13 warrior. You must use the Draenei Banner on his corpse, to gain credit for the quest.

Quest chain Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [12] The Kessel Run
  2. Alliance 15 [13] Declaration of Power
  3. Alliance 15 [13] Report to Exarch Admetius

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