Objectives Edit

Find the Deathstalker Adamant and Deathstalker Vincent.

Description Edit

In preparation for an assault on Shadowfang, two deathstalkers were sent to the keep to gather intelligence. It has been many days and they have not returned, but we must receive their report if we're to have any hope of a successful attack!

So here is your task, <name>. Go to Shadowfang Keep to the south and find the Deathstalkers Adamant and Vincent. Find them, and if they require aid then give it.

This mission is as dangerous as is it critical, <name>. Do not fail.

Completion Edit

Vincent's body lies broken, and still.

Although Deathstalker Adamant will send his report to Hadrec... whatever additional details Vincent gained must remain with him.

But clutched in his hand is a small trinket...

Reward Edit

You will receive 18Silver

Inv shoulder 09

Gains Edit

Notes Edit

  • Deathstalker Vincent is lying dead on the other side of the gate, in the courtyard.
  • The quest actually has nothing to do with Deathstalker Adamant, but you must talk to him in order for him to open the door so you can progress through the instance.

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