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Neutral 32 Deathblow to the Legion
Requires Level 67
Experience19,000 XP
or 1Gold13Silver99Copper at Level 100
ReputationAldor +1000
Rewards[Slippers of the High Priestess] or [Cleansed Fel Pauldrons] or [Gauntlets of the Redeemed Vindicator] or [Lightwarden's Girdle] or [Kaylaan's Signet]
13Gold 20Silver
PreviousIshanah's Help


High Priestess Ishanah wants you to go to the Legion Teleporter at the northwestern corner of Netherstorm and use it to teleport to Socrethar's Seat. Once there, defeat Socrethar.

Performing quests for the Aldor will cause your Scryers reputation to decrease.


When facing eredar of great power, large armies are useless for the most part. Their corruptive powers over mortal souls are such that only the strongest-willed can even stand face to face with them.

Take this stone to the Invasion Point: Overlord, between Forge Base: Oblivion and Gehenna and bring your closest, strongest friends with you. Orelis and Karja will meet you at Socrethar's Seat; I will send Adyen along with them.

May the Light prevail today, <Name>. May Socrethar meet his end.


It is done, <name>. Socrethar has been destroyed.

I and the others will recover from our wounds, <name>. The wrath of Socrethar's magic was far too much for young Kaylaan, however. Not even my strongest prayer could raise him.

It is an unbearable pity that one so young would fall in battle. However, in the end his will was strong enough to recover from the Legion's corruption and we may find solace in that.

Getting There

Deathblow to the Legion is a quest for those who chose to ally with the Aldor in Shattrath City, the long questchain starts with Quest:Assist Exarch Orelis. The quest, simply put, involves killing a demon named Socrethar (mentioned in a prerequisite quest). Socrethar himself is located on a floating island off the northwest corner (36,18) of Netherstorm. To reach him, you can use two methods.

  • First, you can simply use a flying mount and fly up to Socrethar's lair. While this is easier in one sense, using this method will find you fighting Socrethar without the help of the adds sent to help you, mentioned in the quest text. The fight can be difficult without them, unless you have a Scryer helping you that already has the item that gives Socrethar an incredible debuff (mentioned below.)
  • Second, you can use Socrethar's Teleportation Stone, obtained from the Socrethar's Stone quest earlier in the chain. The only downside to this method is that you'll have to clear the area around the portal to get to the lair safely. Using this method will successfully spawn the adds that are mentioned in the quest text. Talk to one of them, and you will start the event that leads up to the final battle with Socrethar.

Find a Scryer Buddy

Those allied with the Scryers have an equivalent to Deathblow to the Legion called Quest:Turning Point. When a Scryer receives the quest, their quest giver gives them an item called Voren'thal's Presence. When used against Socrethar, this item gives him a debuff that increases all damage done against him by 300% and decreases all damage that he deals by 75%. Combined with the use of an Aldor's adds, the fight is incredibly easy.


Socrethar has fear, knockback, shadow volley and spell reflect shield. He is easily kiteable and affected by CC (like banish & cyclone). Therefore clear possible adds.

The whole fight itself is a complete tank and spank. With the adds and the debuff, the tanking part is optional. With a half-decent healer and Socrethar's damage nerfed, any cloth wearer should be able to take the hits with ease. Chances are you won't be facing the encounter without at least the adds or the debuff, so there shouldn't be much to worry about.

Note that Socrethar is extremely weak to all forms of frost, so if your party is without Scryer assistance, a frost mage may make up for this. An average level 70 frost-spec mage should be able to crit for over 10,000.

Bug and Workaround

The encounter was once known to bug for a very long time, making Socrethar merely stand there and not aggro or be able to be attacked. This was possibly due to a wipe while using the adds, freezing the event in place. Since a recent patch, this bug has been known to happen less frequently.

If the encounter bugs, here is how to fix it:

  • 1. Aggro a random mob not associated with the quest.
  • 2. Kite mob over to friendly NPCs.
  • 3. While mob is still alive, kite enemy and friendly NPCs attacking it over to Socrethar.
  • 4. Friendly NPCs should aggro the quest mob and unbug the quest.
  • 5. Either fight it out now, or let the npcs die and reset the encounter.

June 24, 2007: Quest did bug multiple times, ultimately leaving three NPC's standing before Socrethar and not doing anything. When discussed with a GM, they believed the cause was a mixed group of Aldors and Scryers, and strongly advised us to try again with an Aldor-only group. We were told that the group could be any size, and that non-group help could be received from Scryers without bugging the quest yet again. Likely the GM was mistaken as to the cause. It is more likely that the NPCs get their aggro table confused due to an add.

If another group is killing him (even if opposite faction) there is a 50% chance your quest will complete if you are close enough.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv boots chain 06
Inv shoulder 11
Inv gauntlets 10
Inv belt 08
Inv jewelry ring 34

You will also receive:13Gold 20Silver

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