Deadmire is another hunting quest given by Melor Stonehoof, in which you must travel to Dustwallow Marsh and kill an ancient crocodile named Deadmire.

Objectives Edit

Bring [Deadmire's Tooth] to Melor Stonehoof in Thunder Bluff.

You will need:

Details Edit

The path of the hunter is one that renouncies mindless killing and instead teaches spiritual union with the prey. It is said that hunters who defeat their victim honourably become one with it, acquiring some of its abilities and reaching a deeper understanding of the world of nature surrounding them.

The path of the hunter is also, at times, the path of mercy.

Deadmire, an old and massive crocolisk, wanders the shores of swamps in the Dustwallow Marsh. Although still immensely strong compared to its kind, age has not been kind to this ancient creature - it now moves its massive body slowly, suffering excruciating pain in its broken bones and weakened limbs. Those seeking to advance in the ways of the hunter are said to be searching for this great crocolisk, charged with the grim and yet honourable task of ending the agony of this noble beast.

Also, you may find Deadmire around an island that is just north of Stonemaul Ruins. Start at Stonemaul Ruins and travel north up the river until you find him, he is a big white crocolisk.

Description Edit

Deadmire is an ancient crocolisk in Dustwallow marsh. And it is his time to die.

Old bones grind as he pulls his huge body through the swamp, and although he still moves with the strength and speed of youth, his aging body tortures the great spirit within it, a spirit whose flame will not waver.

Yet now he lives in constant, maddening pain. You must end the life of this noble creature, <name>. You must lead Deadmire to peace.

Reward Edit

You will be rewarded with the following:

Progress Edit

Do you have the tooth of Deadmire, <name>? Have you ended the creature's suffering?

Completion Edit

Very good, <name>.

I am sure the hunt was not easy, but it is good to know the beast's pain has finally ended.

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