Quest:Deactivating the Spire

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Horde 32 Deactivating the Spire
StartApprentice Loralthalis[68, 57]
EndApprentice Loralthalis[68, 57]
Requires Level 8
CategoryEversong Woods
Experience625 XP
or 3Silver75Copper at Level 110
Reputation+150 Silvermoon City
PreviousThe Magister's Apprentice
NextWord from the Spire

Objectives Edit

Deactivate the 3 Duskwither Spire Power Sources inside Duskwither Spire. Then return the Deactivating Jewel to Apprentice Loralthalis in Eversong Woods.

  • First Power Source Deactivated
  • Second Power Source Deactivated
  • Third Power Source Deactivated
  • Inv misc gem deepperidot 02 [Deactivating Jewel] (Provided)

Description Edit

As you may know, Magister Duskwither sent me back here to shut down the power sources that feed the Spire. There are three of them, each located in a different place inside.

Unfortunately, I appear to be too late, and Duskwither Spire has been overrun with strange, magical creatures. While I haven't the expertise to accomplish this task, surely a <class>, such as yourself, could do so easily?

Progress Edit

I can't be certain from this distance... have you already shut down the power to Duskwither Spire?

Completion Edit

I am grateful to you for your assistance, but saddened to hear that some of my fellow apprentices have fallen to their addiction.

With the power to the Spire cut off, I think I'll stay here a while and see if things calm down long enough for me to sneak in and retrieve their remains.

Gains Edit

Quest progression Edit

  1. Horde 15 [10] The Magister's Apprentice
  2. Horde 15 [10] Deactivating the Spire
  3. Horde 15 [10] Word from the Spire

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