Quest:Data Mining (Alliance)

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Alliance 32 Data Mining
StartBrann Bronzebeard
EndBrann Bronzebeard
Requires Level 77
CategoryThe Storm Peaks
Experience22,050 XP
or 1Gold32Silver29Copper at Level 100
Reputation+250 The Explorers' League
PreviousPieces to the Puzzle
NextThe Library Console


Use the Inventor's Disk to retrieve 7 pieces of Hidden Data from the Databanks. Use Inv misc enggizmos 08 [Brann's Communicator] to contact Brann Bronzebeard once you've completed this task.

If you lose Brann's Communicator, speak to Archaeologist Andorin at Frosthold to replace it.


That disk you assembled... it's blank! That crafty Mimir must've hidden the information somewhere else. Look around the Inventor's Library; do you see any databanks there?

That might be what you need to do with the disk. Try using it near some of those databanks. Perhaps it's set to retrieve and store information from them. After you've tried your hand at that, contact me again and let me know what you've found. Meanwhile, I'll be trying to track down the other half of the archive key.


Did you try using the disk? What did you find?


<Brann looks at the disk as you hold it up.>

I can't tell if there's anything stored there or not! You have to tell me what happened.

<You describe the data retrieval process.>

So it worked? At least we can count on Mimir to be systematic. Can't say that for the rest of these Keepers from what I've been hearing...


There are more than 8 Databanks in the surrounding area , so it will NOT take any respawns to get all 7 data collection. Unless several other have already just been there.

Quest progression

  1. Official alliance mini-icon [80] On Brann's Trail
  2. Official alliance mini-icon [80] Sniffing Out the Perpetrator
  3. Official alliance mini-icon [80] Pieces to the Puzzle
  4. Official alliance mini-icon [80] Data Mining
  5. Official alliance mini-icon [80] The Library Console
  6. Official alliance mini-icon [80] Norgannon's Shell
  7. Official alliance mini-icon [80] Aid from the Explorers' League
  8. Official alliance mini-icon [80] The Frostborn King
  9. Official alliance mini-icon [80] Fervor of the Frostborn
  10. Official alliance mini-icon [80] An Experienced Guide
  11. Official alliance mini-icon [80] The Lonesome Watcher
  12. Official alliance mini-icon [80] Fate of the Titans
  13. Official alliance mini-icon [80] The Hidden Relic
  14. Official alliance mini-icon [80] Fury of the Frostborn King
  15. Official alliance mini-icon [80] The Master Explorer
  16. Official alliance mini-icon [80] The Brothers Bronzebeard
  17. Official alliance mini-icon [78 Daily] Pushed Too Far

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