Objectives Edit

Bring 8 [Windfury Talon]s to Ruul Eagletalon in Bloodhoof Village.

Description Edit

Thank you for taking the time to speak to me, <name>. I am Ruul, warrior and teacher.

You have obviously reached an age when you must prepare for your trials if you are to adventure much further out of Mulgore.

If you wish a test of your strength, start by seeking out the Windfury harpies to the southeast. They nestle along the mountain's edges away from the road.

They are one of our natural enemies here in Mulgore and will be a good gauge of your skill.

Rewards Edit

  • 2Silver 25Copper

Progress Edit

The Windfuries are deadly foes. Their strength in battle is only rivaled by their desire for fresh meat.

Completion Edit

You have done well, <name>. You seem well prepared to travel onward. Let the wind always be at your back.

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