Objectives Edit

Use Steelring's Foolproof Dynamite to collect 6 Whisper Gulch Ore Fragments and 1 Whisper Gulch Gems. Then return them to Sapper Steelring at Westguard Keep.

Description Edit

<name>, the captain's tasked me with a mission, and I'd like you to help.

A bunch of my fellow Explorers' League people went nuts digging up stuff in the Whisper Gulch just to the north. They're attacking anyone trying to get in.

The captain is only concerned with the ore for the keep. Lucky for us, I have just the thing to do the trick.

Get in there, blow up the ore, and bring it back along with any gems you find. Running this place isn't cheap you know!

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 4Gold 70Silver

Progress Edit

Construction on this place seems to be a never-ending task. I just hope that you're able to get us what we need to continue.

Completion Edit

The ore gave you a strange feeling? Maybe we won't use that stuff after all.

<Steelring looks at the stuff and takes a step back, changing the subject.>

Those gems look really nice! I wonder what I can get for them? Of course, there are always repairs, and new stuff to be made.

You know, I've really found working with you to be profitable. Take this... it's the least that I can do!

Notes Edit

Pick up Send Them Packing before heading into the gulch!

The ore is most likely Saronite.

Quest currently(11/21/08) has a typo in the completion. "Wnon't".

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Alliance 15 [71] Danger! Explosives!
    Alliance 15 [71] Send Them Packing (optional)
  2. Alliance 15 [71] Leader of the Deranged

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