Objectives Edit

Harold Lagras at the bottom of Daggercap Bay wants you to recover 10 Valgarde Supply Crates.

Description Edit

Hey... Uh... What's up? What are you doing down here?

Me? Oh... Well, you see... I'm... Um... I'm trying to clean this place up! Orders from Keller himself! He says to me, "Harry, I want you to put on a divin' bell and search the shipwrecks of Daggercap for OUR stuff..."

Say, maybe you could lend me a hand while you're down here. Throughout the bay here are all kinds of goodies, er, I mean supplies. Go out and bring me back whatever you find. Use this diving helm so you don't run out of air and die.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 4Gold 70Silver

Progress Edit

Did you find those supplies?

Completion Edit

Wow! You sure are efficient. Yep, well, just give me those crates. I'll need to document them and take inventory and some other stuff that you haven't been trained to deal with or understand. Don't worry; I'll be sure to let Keller know what a great job you did down here. Yep. Yea, you can leave now. Skedaddle!


Accept the quest and immediately equip the Inv helmet 49 [Diving Helm] and start swimming towards the Buoy. As long as you stay in vision range of the buoy you'll be able to breathe underwater.

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