In Cycle of Rebirth, you must gather [Gaea Seeds] for Tammra Windfield, which will later be used to help restore the Charred Vale in the quest New Life.

Objectives Edit

Tammra Windfield at Sun Rock Retreat wants you to gather 10 [Gaea Seeds].

You will need:

Details Edit

Pick this quest up from Tammra Windfield at Sun Rock Retreat in the Stonetalon Mountains. She is off to the north-eastern side by a little lump of dirt, kneeling down.

Leave Sun Rock Retreat and head up the path to the north until you come to Mirkfallon Lake. The [Gaea Seeds] can be found all around the lake, they look a little like coconuts. They are pretty easy to spot if you just circle the lake, however here are some coordinates for those who want them:

50,45 (south side of the lake) 49,44 (south side of the lake; closer to lake) 48,44 (just west of the previous coordination) 46,43 (southwest side of the lake) 46,41 (west side of the lake) 46,40 (just north of the previous coordination) 46,40 (just north of the previous coordination, very close to water) 47,38 (northwest side of the lake) 48,36 (north of the lake) 51,37 (northeast) 51,47 (east) 52,43 (a little further to the east; southeast)

Description Edit

Industrial greed and continuous war have wrecked the lands of Stonetalon. Only the blessings of the Earthmother can cure such injury.

<name>, I will require you to seek a special seed, the Gaea seed. They are only found here in Stonetalon Mountain, north of Sun Rock Retreat at Mirkfallon Lake, near the water's edge.

Once you bring me the seeds I will imbue them with shamanistic power to speed their growth.

Reward Edit

You will be rewarded with the following:

  • 12Silver

Progress Edit

The continuous destruction caused by war and those that seek a profit from lumber pains me deeply. To aid the cycle of rebirth and replenish the lands, I need Gaea seeds. Do you have them, <class>?

Completion Edit

Ah, <name>, you have the Gaea seeds. Watch and see how the blessing of the Earthmother can cause even these small kernels of life to bloom and flourish.

<Tammra begins to chant.>

Quest ProgressionEdit

  • Horde 15 [23] Cycle of Rebirth

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