Objectives Edit

Bring 12 Cursed Talismans to Corporal Ironridge at Expedition Point.
Items needed:
[Cursed Talisman] x12

Description Edit

<name>, we cannot allow the Bleeding Hollow orcs to possess their Cursed Talismans! You must acquire them for us so they may be disposed of, and so the soldiers who owned them may be honored for their sacrifices.

Go to Zeth'Gor, the cursed abode of the Bleeding Hollow, and perform your grim task... return to me when you have collected the talismans.

Reward Edit

+250 Honor Hold faction

6200 xp (37Silver 50Copper at level 70.)

Completion Edit

Thank you, <name>. My heart is saddened to see these talismans -- they underline the great losses we of Honor Hold have suffered against the fel orcs. But I am heartened to see you successful against them. If we can kill enough, perhaps we might emerge from this war victorious. Gains


The talismans can be found on most fel orcs in and around Zeth'Gor

Quest Progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [61] Cursed Talismans
  2. Alliance 15 [61] Warlord of the Bleeding Hollow
  3. Alliance 15 [61] Return to Honor Hold

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