Quest:Curse These Fat Fingers

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Neutral 32 Curse These Fat Fingers
StartHansel Heavyhands
EndHansel Heavyhands
Requires Level 45
CategorySearing Gorge
Experience6,550 XP
or 39Silver30Copper at Level 110
ReputationThorium Brotherhood 250
Rewards[Slagplate Gauntlets]

Objectives Edit

Hansel Heavyhands wants you to kill 20 Heavy War Golems.

The Heavy War Golems wander the areas surrounding the Cauldron in the Searing Gorge. When you've killed enough, return to Hansel in Searing Gorge.

Description Edit

Unfortunately, I can't dish out the beats like I used to, due to this here fat finger problem. Ye see, the climate out here combined with the lack o' air pressure makes me fingers expand. They're like gigantic Thelsamar Blood Sausages, they are...

Ye're gonna have to carry out me orders of business and what have ye.

First on me agenda: Poundin' the livin' daylights out o' the heavy war golems o' the Gorge. Get crackin'.

Reward Edit

You will receive
Inv gauntlets 22

You will also receive: 70Silver

Progress Edit

Did ye pound 'em?

Completion Edit

Ye're a good lad, ye are. I got ye a lil' present fer yer troubles.

Notes Edit

The Heavy War Golems wander outside along the rim of the Cauldron in Searing Gorge. Relatively easy to pull into single combat.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest, you will gain:

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