Notice Edit

You DO get to wear the Amulet, before and after the quest. It just won't equip when you right-click it, you have to drag it to the Necklace Slot in the Character Tab. It's a pretty decent necklace for a level 35-40 player.

Quest Start Edit

Right-click the Pendant of Myzrael, which is dropped by Scarlet Monastery Followers, and other humanoids. Scarlet Monastery Followers are recommended to kill if you want it, because it has the best drop rate.

Objectives Edit

Find the crystal from your vision.

Quest Text Edit

The shard pulses as you hold it...

You feel a sense of pleading coming from the shard, as if someone is trying to communicate, some who desperately needs your help.

A vision appears in your mind - of the northern mountains of Arathi, and of a brilliant crystal jutting from the earth there.

You feel drawn to that place.

Details Edit

The crystal is located at 62, 33 in the Arathi Highlands, in the Eastern Kingdoms. You simply right-click it when you get there to finish the quest.

Quest Completion TextEdit

The crystal pulses, as if a living force is trapped within it.

Rewards Edit

330 XP and you may have some advantage in Quest:The Princess Trapped/Quest chain. At the end of this quest line, you will receive Pulsating Crystalline Shard which is better then the Pendant you obtain to begin this quest.