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Alliance 32 Cruisin' the Chasm
StartHuman Orphan
EndHuman Orphan
Requires Level 10
CategoryChildren's Week


Travel to Sentinel Hill[56.6, 49.4] in Westfall and climb about a Rental Chopper to tour the Raging Chasm with your orphan.

  • Chopper Tour of the Raging Chasm



One of my friends says that a steam tank mechanic in Westfall lets visitors use his choppers. My friend even got to ride one!

I've seen people ride by the orphanage in choppers. They're real loud and just about the fastest thing I've ever seen! I want to try one out!

Could we go to Sentinel Hill in Westfall and ride one of those choppers? Please? I promise to behave myself and we could see the crazy giant hole left when the world changed!


Human Orphan says: Wow, this sure goes fast!
Human Orphan says: Look, someone's attacking Sentinel Hill. C'mon guards, you just hafta win!
Human Orphan says: I thought the Park fell into a big hole, but this one's way bigger and it has a whirlwind!
Human Orphan says: I've never seen a flying tree before. Let's get closer!
Human Orphan says: Look at all that slime. One is flying straight at me!
Human Orphan says: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeew, it's on my head! Help!
Human Orphan says: My tummy doesn't feel so good...
Human Orphan says: Whoa! Did you see how high we went?
Human Orphan says: That was great! Let's do it again!



Quest progression

  1. Alliance 15 [10-80] Children's Week
  2. Alliance 15 [10-80] A Warden of the Alliance

Patch changes

0400Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.1.0 (26-Apr-2011): Added.

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