Quest:Cruelfin's Necklace

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Alliance 32 Cruelfin's Necklace
StartRed Crystal Pendant
Requires Level 11
CategoryBloodmyst Isle
Experience900 XP
or 5Silver40Copper at Level 110

Objectives Edit

Bring the Red Crystal Pendant to Morae at Blood Watch.

Description Edit

Examining the crudely constructed pendant, you notice the crystal pulsating softly. Though it emits little light, you can almost feel the crystal radiating a sense of wrongness. You're not quite sure what might have possessed Cruelfin to create this pendant, but the find is too important to ignore. You should probably show it to someone at Blood Watch.

Reward Edit

You will receive:5Silver

Progress Edit

What is it you have there?

Completion Edit

This is most curious, <class>. I don't believe we've ever seen the murlocs wearing any kind of adornment before. Given the corrupting influence that the crystal shards are known to have, the murloc that wore this pendant must have believed it granted him power over his fellows. I wouldn't be surprised if he had rapidly outgrown his fellow murlocs and gained in strength.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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