Quest:Crocolisks in the City

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Neutral 32 Crocolisks in the City
StartOld Man Barlo
EndOld Man Barlo
Requires Level 70
Rewards[Bag of Fishing Treasures]
RepeatableDaily"Daily" is not recognized as a Boolean (true/false) value.


Bring a Baby Crocolisk to Old Man Barlo. You can find him fishing northeast of Shattrath City by Silmyr Lake.


Hello <lad/lass>. I'm glad you've stopped by to talk to this old man — there's trouble back home.

A traveling merchant recently sold a batch of baby crocolisks to some gullible children. Crocolisks are wild beasts, and many have escaped and now lurk in city waterways.

Grab your strongest fishing pole and drop a line in Stormwind or Orgrimmar and bring one of the little devils back to me. I'm anxious to see one.


You will receive:
Inv misc bag 10 green
[Bag of Fishing Treasures]


Of the five different fishing daily quests given out by Old Man Barlo, this is the only quest that has the chance of dropping Inv drink 19 [Chuck's Bucket] (~1.1%), Inv drink 19 [Toothy's Bucket] (~1.1%), Inv drink 19 [Muckbreath's Bucket] (~1.1%), or Inv drink 19 [Snarly's Bucket] (~1.3%).

You are also able to catch a Baby Crocolisk in Ironforge.

Update (3.2): The droprate for the pets seems to be significantly higher now.

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