Crazed and Confused has players kill a Crazed Murkblood Foreman and 5 Crazed Murkblood Miners for Ronag the Slave Driver, deep within the Netherwing Mines. This quest is available starting at friendly reputation with Netherwing after completing Neutral 15 [70] The Netherwing Mines.

Objectives Edit

Ronag the Slave Driver in the Netherwing Mines of Shadowmoon Valley wants you to slay the Crazed Murkblood Foreman and 5 Crazed Murkblood Miners.


  • Crazed Murkblood Foreman
  • Crazed Murkblood Miner (5)

Details Edit

Ronag is hidden deep within the Netherwing Mines near the hovering nether drake Toranaku. Despite the simple objectives, this is a one-time only quest.

Description Edit

Don't worry about this dragon, <name>. We've got plans for it...

Deeper in this mine is a band of crazed Murkblood. After the dragon broke out, they were cut off from the exit. Somehow, after a mere 2 days of isolation, they've lost all sense of decency.

They've resorted to cannibalism and the promotion of mayhem. We don't need that kind of madness in this place. Find 'em and kill 'em. All of 'em.

Completion Edit

Yeah, I don't understand it... You would think that they wouldn't even be that hungry after 2 days. Murkblood...

<Ronag shakes his head.>

Damn they're stupid...


Possible reference to Led Zeppelin's hit dazed and confused.

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