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Cranberry Chutney is part of the Pilgrim's Supplies quest chain quest chain.

Objectives Edit

Make 5 servings of Cranberry Chutney and bring them to Jasper Moore at the feasting area outside Stormwind.

Description Edit

If you haven't tried the cranberry chutney yet, you're in for a treat. It's made with the freshest tangy Wetlands cranberries. Just pick some up from the Pilgrim's Bounty vendor if you want to try your hand at making chutney.

The recipe should be in your bountiful cookbook.

If you've got some extra time on your hands, would you mind making some of the chutney and bringing it down to Jasper Moore outside Stormwind? I promised him I'd trade some for the pie you brought.

Progress Edit

Is that cranberry chutney I smell?

Completion Edit

Finally, the cranberry chutney I was promised. You wouldn't believe how fast the celebrants go through the stuff here.

Notes Edit

  • The making of the chutney is part of the objectives. This means that chutney you made earlier does not count.
  • When you are in a raid group you will not get credit for any chutney you prepare.

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