Courser Antlers is the 2nd quest in the The Hunter's Charm quest chain.

Objectives Edit

Bring a pair of Perfect Courser Antlers to Ogtinc in Azshara. Ogtinc resides atop the cliffs northeast of the Ruins of Eldarath.

Description Edit

The courser wears the mightiest antlers in the known lands. Such antlers are used to defend the courser, goring an attacker and often damaging the points. Perfect, natural antlers are the sign of an animal spirit with supreme confidence.

To hold such antlers will bestow the same confidence in you.

Hunt the mosshoof courser, find the perfect antlers and bring them to me.


Have you found the antlers?


You must possess keen sight and great patience to have obtained these.  Well done.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 7350 XP (or 43Silver 50Copper at level 70)

Quest ProgressionEdit

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