This quest is only offered to blacksmiths who are at least level 50, and have a Blacksmithing skill level of 250.

Objectives Edit

Find the Black Guard Swordsmith in Stratholme and destroy him. Recover the Insignia of the Black Guard and return to Seril Scourgebane.

Quest text Edit

If I am short with you, it is for a reason. The plans for the creation of the great blade, Corruption, have been stolen by the Black Guard: Elite skeletal units of Baron Rivendare.

Yes, Baron Rivendare of Stratholme.

The Black Guard swordsmith now guards those plans with his... undeath.

Slay him and return proof of this deed and I shall train you in the ways of the swordsmith.

Progress Edit

Have you forgotten what it is that you were tasked with, <name>?

Completion Edit

It should be obvious that a sword is always the best choice.

Reward Edit

Notes Edit

Within Stratholme, near the Baroness (at the second ziggurat) Blacksmithing Plans for [Plans: Corruption] are found on the ground. Opening the plans spawns the Black Guard Swordsmith.

Prior to Burning Crusade, this quest was part of the requirements to becoming a Swordsmith.

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