Quest:Corrupted Sabers

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Horde 32 Corrupted Sabers
StartWinna Hazzard
EndWinna Hazzard
Requires Level 49
PreviousWell of Corruption

Objectives Edit

Release the Corrupted Cat near the corrupted moonwell and bring it back to Winna Hazzard.

Description Edit

This corrupted water can be used to our advantage, <name>. With just a small amount of the water, my kitten doubled in size, and seems to be stronger...somehow. These cats may prove useful...

Here, <name>. Take this cat carrier and release the kitten inside next to the moonwell in the Ruins of Constellas. Heh, heh...I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results!

Return to the cat to me, and I'm sure I can make it worth your time.

Requires Winna's Kitten Carrier.

Reward Edit


Progress Edit

Completion Edit

250 UC rep

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