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Neutral 32 Copper Modulator
Requires Level 1
CategoryDarkmoon Faire
Reputation+250 Darkmoon Faire
Rewards1 x [Darkmoon Faire Prize Ticket]

Quest text Edit

Yebb is developing a new attraction for the Zoo Bizarre, one that will drive people crazy with wonder, and delight! But it will take a lot of work, and a lot of materials...

That includes Copper Modulators. We need lots of modulators for the mechanical parts of the attraction. Bring me copper modulators and I'll trade for them with a Darkmoon Faire ticket.

Completion Edit

Aha! The modulators! Superb!

I can't tell you exactly what we're building, but these will be invaluable for its construction. I am in your debt, <name>, but please, take this Darkmoon Faire ticket as a token of my appreciation.

Rewards Edit

Notes Edit

This quest is no longer available after you reach 500 reputation. This is two turn ins.

See also Darkmoon Faire quests involving engineered items.

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