I been investigatin' our corrupted Bloodtalons troubles and I think I've found da source. A lone naga. He was holdin' a red orb aloft over our hatchlings and I could see dem... changin'.

I'm certain he tinks his thievery and spellcastin' have gone unnoticed, so ya should be able ta catch him unawares. Kill dis naga and bring me back dat vile orb - you'll be findin' him to da northwest, at Zalazane's Fall.


Da naga have been our enemies for a long, long time, and our previous encounters with dem have not gone well. It be clear dat dis time will be different. Tings have changed, and you will be a part of dat change.


Well done, <name>! Dis naga has set us back quite some time, but nothin' will be holdin' us down foreva.

It be good to be havin' ya wit us, <name>. Ya have a fierce heart within ya.




  • 250


  • 0Gold 0Silver 50Copper


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