Quest:Consecrated Note

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Horde 32 Consecrated Note
StartRohaku Stonehoof
EndSunwalker Helaku
Requires Level 3
Experience130 XP
or 77Copper at Level 110
Reputation+75 Thunder Bluff
NextThe Way of the Sunwalkers

Objectives Edit

Speak to Sunwalker Helaku in Camp Narache.

Description Edit

Just a moment ago a messenger was looking for you, <name>. I believe she was sent by the paladin trainer, Sunwalker Helaku. If this note is from the sunwalker, I recommend going to see him immediately.

Progress Edit

I am pleased to meet you, <name>.

Completion Edit

We have much to cover. In time, the ways of the sunwalkers will be as plain and natural to you as the shaman's conversations with the elements.

Quest progression Edit

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Quest level3 +
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