After killing the hostile version of Cohlien Frostweaver, he drops [Cohlien's Cap] which starts this quest. You must locate Cohlien's lockbox and use the cap in front of it. The lockbox will highlight as you mouse over it, but is unusable itself. After using the cap in front of the lockbox, return to Custodian Dieworth for your reward.

After you receive the Cap from Cohlien and kill him, he will spawn as a neutral version of himself, and will no longer aggro you unless you attack him.


Locate Cohlien Frostweaver's quarters in Wizard Row and return the hat to his Footlocker. Then, speak with Custodian Dieworth at Kirin'Var Village.

You will need:


Looking at the hat, you find yourself asking if any Kirin Tor mage would own such headgear. Judging from the hat's wear, it seems the gnome wouldn't go anywhere without it.

You try on the hat momentarily, discovering no magical properties beyond a faint urge to dance.

The treasured possession might be the source of the dead mage's bond to the village. Placing the hat in the footlocker in Cohlien's quarters might free his spirit.

Progress Edit

What have you found, <name>?

Cut scene upon putting the hat in the footlocker Edit

the ghost of Cohlien Frostweaver appears
Cohlien Frostweaver says: Phew! There's my lucky hat. I've been looking for it everywhere.

Completion Edit

<The custodian smiles at the mention of Cohlien's name.>

You're absolutely right about the hat. He wore it all the time and wouldn't let it out of his sight.

There were a couple of times when a fellow mage, who shall remain nameless, 'borrowed' the hat and hid it as a prank. Needless to say the threat of one of Cohlien's frostbolts changed his mind.

I'm going to miss little Cohlien. He had quite a way with the elven women.

Reward Edit

  • 12,300 experience

Notes Edit

Cohlien's Footlocker is located at [55, 87]

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