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Neutral 32 Cluster Launcher
StartFariel Starsong
EndFariel Starsong
Requires Level 55
CategoryLunar Festival
Rewards[Schematic: Cluster Launcher] [Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack]

This quest is only available during the Lunar Festival.

Quest text Edit

The most splendid fireworks shows must include cluster rockets, and those cluster rockets must be fired from cluster launchers! Is it not then logical for you to learn the secrets of making cluster launchers? Bring me coins of ancestry and I will give this knowledge to you.

Completion Edit

Here is your schematic.  Study it closely, and learn...

Good luck, <name>.  May your celebrations rival that of the Lunar Festival itself!

Rewards Edit

You will receive the following rewards
Inv scroll 06
Inv box 02

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