Quest:Cleansing the Caverns

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Neutral 32 Cleansing the Caverns
Requires Level 15
CategoryWailing Caverns
Experience1,250 XP
or 7Silver50Copper at Level 100

Objectives Edit

Ebru in the Wailing Caverns wants you to kill the Fanglords:

Description Edit

Naralex had a noble goal.

Our great leader aspired to enter the Emerald Dream and help regrow these harsh lands back into the lush forest it once was.

But something went terribly wrong.

Naralex's trusted allies, the Druids of the Fang, turned on him! They seek not to heal the Barrens, but to dominate it.

<name>, before we can awaken Naralex and restore balance to this vital place, you need to eradicate the Fanglords. Their influence has sunk too deeply.

Rewards Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv shoulder 14
[Cleansed Pauldrons]
Inv gauntlets 18
[Serpentis' Gloves]
Inv boots 09
[Cobrahn's Boots]
Inv chest chain 17
[Pythas' Vest]
Inv chest cloth 03
[Anacondra's Robes]

You will also receive: 53Silver

Completion Edit

I can already feel the balance returning! Quick, talk to Muyoh to help him awaken Naralex!

Gains Edit

  • 1250 XP

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